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сън бебе сън новородено консултации по детски сън трудно приспиване дълго приспиване плач при заспиване консултации по детски сън консултант по сън консултант по детски сън режим на съня регресия на съня ранно събуждане нощни събуждания будене нощем буди

for €40 only

Many parents who contact us have a charge of determination and willingness to help their child sleep well.

What they often lack is a


What's included in the sleep plan?


Preliminary analysis by a certified consultant

based on a detailed questionnaire

Independent sleep habits

Step-by-step plan for helping your baby fall asleep on their own in a crib by a careful method of gradual change.

 Expectations management

You will know if you are moving in the right direction and which reactions of your child are normal

Schedule and routine

appropriate for your baby's age

Guidelines for transition to a schedule with fewer naps

when the need of a transition is approaching

Guidelines on creating the best sleep environement

which is essential for welcoming good sleep

A sleep plan is your solution if


You want to work individually

but just lack direction.

You need clear and easy to follow guidelines

The sleep plan is a detailed document that describes step by step what you need to do to achieve results. Details are important.

You do not lack determination

Every change is challenging, but you are determined to work systematically to help your baby sleep better.

You are looking for an affordable solution

The sleep plan is a personalized solution at a good price

You expect flexibility

You can always upgrade with consultation and follow-up support if needed

Your baby is ready

- and is at least 5 months old

- is healthy

- sleep is not too impaired *

* As detailed as it is, the sleep plan cannot predict all the situations that could potentially arise. The plan will manage your expectations, and will largely anticipate the child's reactions, but follow-up support is actually the factor that makes our cooperation completely flexible.

Baby Crawling

Order your personalized sleep plan here by filling the form below:

Baby Learning to Walk
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