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The gift of sleep

Are your friends expecting a child?

Or are you wondering what to give to the parents of a newborn?

What better gift than a good night's sleep!

Baby Lying Down

Personalized sleep plan

Includes: questionnaire, detailed recommendations for improving all aspects of sleep, including diet, routine, self-settling, etc.

Suitable for: babies aged 5+ months.

BGN 54

Newborn Consultation

Consultation (60 minutes), which includes:

  • Significance and specifics of sleep in infants

  • Sleep safety

  • Tips for Introducing healthy sleep habits from day 1


Written manual


Suitable for: babies up to 3 months of age

BGN 69

Pregnant Belly
Copy of as of 2025 (14.8 x 10.5 cm).png

Subscription to
Unicorn Baby App

Options for one-month, three-month and annual subscription.

Everything for children's sleep from 0 to 3 years in one place, including independent sleep methods , frequently asked questions and common mistakes. Now with new video content!

Prices from  BGN 26.99 lv

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