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Mother and Baby

Ready for sleep?



We have a solution!




Only for  EUR 40

What does the full support include?

Preliminary assessment

Personal, 90-minute consultation

Detailed, personalized sleep plan

Full support to achieve results - expert support and timely answers to all questions.

Final recommendations and guidelines - to prepare you for future milestones.

What if I just want a single consultation or a plan?

We have created flexible package conditions so that more parents can get the support they need. We are convinced that sleep should not be a luxury , as long as the individual approach remains the foundation of our work with each client.

What results can I expect?

We will provide you with a clear plan to follow, tailored to your child's individual needs and the results you want to achieve. We will move at your own pace and discuss each step carefully. Every child is different and we do not claim that yours will sleep 12 consecutive hours on the first night (although this also happens!), but you will know what we can achieve together by the end of the program, namely:

Self-soothing skills and independent sleep

Restful night's sleep

Predictable daily routine

Strong foundation of healthy  sleep habits that will remain for the future

What are the prices?

The prices of the services vary from BGN 54 to BGN 369.
depending on what is included in the selected package.


About sleep with 

Healthy sleep habits mean a healthier child. A well-rested child is more playful, curious, happy, energetic and ready to learn. Quality sleep is directly related to immunity, growth and development, and the best news is that it is completely achievable.


Therefore, we strongly advise you - do not give up!

"What about crying"

Parents always ask us if our solutions include crying - this is one of the first topics we will discuss during the consultation and will take into account when preparing the plan for our work together.

In order to achieve change, we will have to fight for it together. This will happen at the pace you prefer and in relation to the desired results. Crying is your child's way of protesting against change, and depending on the approach we choose, you can expect that a change in his or her sleep habits may lead to some protest. We can always work to minimize protest by choosing the most gradual change possible.

You must be sure that we will never ask you to let your child to fall asleep independently before they are ready , nor will we make you ignore their cries.  You will have the opportunity to develop a response plan based on what you know about your child. This will give you confidence and peace of mind that you are doing your best for them.

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